Our Vision

Through careful study, meticulous analysis and the highest standards of accepted principles of interpretation of the Bible, the revealed Will of God to man, the Christian Democratic Republican (CDR) endeavors to identify, declare, promote and implement God's perspective and will  on every aspect of our lives in private, as well as in the Public Square.

God has much more than an opinion on every aspect of our lives, and on every issue that we daily confront in the United States of America. Our heavenly Father who calls each of the multiple quadrillions of stars by name, but who also numbers the strands of hair on our head, is intimately concerned with the so-called smallest and largest details of our lives.

Because we live in community, and communities form towns, cities, States and the USA, matters of State and Federal Government affect us all, and therefore attract the attention of God. The CDR aspires to influence governance of the USA along lines that are consistent with Biblical Christian values on which this Nation was built by our Founding Fathers, while doing everything possible in our personal lives to reflect the highest moral values to which God has called us, and by the help of His Holy Spirit, to be examples of Christian love in all that we say and do.

The CDR emphasizes that the personal relationship with God that ultimately matters for all eternity, is a matter for each individual to address, and urges all Americans to enter into a personal, dynamic relation with Jesus through the salvation that he has purchased for us, and now makes freely available to whosoever will

Our Story

It is an understatement to say that the USA is experiencing a period of challenges unprecedented in recent times. Our citizens are searching for answers, as we experiment with political visions of prosperity and grapple with those we deem to be inconsistent with our personal interests. The emergence of the possibility of a new cold war with Russia after its attempt to destabilize the political bedrock of our democracy, as well as the implications of the unique leadership style of President Donald Trump, has created levels of uncertainty in the international community, the likes of which we have never seen in modern history.

Amidst protests and turmoil and fake news, the New York Times reminds us that "truth is hard to find". And yet, this well-intentioned claim is flawed. There is one person who has claimed and demonstrated to be The Truth. That persons is Jesus, and he is not hard to find.

The visionary of the CDR is convinced that in its simplest form, Jesus is the answer. It is left to the followers of Jesus to represent Him, His teachings and His plan for mankind as being contemporary and relevant in every circumstance. That resolve gave birth to the CDR.

Meet the Team

The Convenor is Godfrey E. McAllister, Ph.D., DTM. A full introduction to the members of the Team is pending.

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Include a short bio with an interesting fact about the person.

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