The following Questions and Answers are not intended to be exhaustive. Please direct any unanswered questions to us through our Contact page.

Is the christian democratic republican a church?

Definitely not, nor will it ever become a Church? The  CDR is designed to work along side the Church and to complement the work of the Church. The local Church, and more specifically, the universal or global Church consisting of people from all races, nationalities, countries, languages and time-periods is what Jesus has established, owns and heads. The CDR may be described as a para-church organisation like Child Evangelism Fellowship, or The American Bible Society among many.

Will the cdr be selling additional merchandise?

Yes, The CDR is in its early fledgling stage. We will be making other merchandise available as time progresses and the Movement evolves. If you have any recommendations, please let us know.

Does the CDR accept donations.

Yes we do. As of now, donations and gifts made to The CDR are not tax deductible. However, with our application for 501C3 status pending submission at the end of April 2017, there is a 99% certainty that our Tax Deductible status will be confirmed long before the end of 2017. Any donation or gift made now will be eligible for Tax Deductible treatment when you complete your 2017 Tax filing. As a matter of record, in the event that you are not already giving to other Charitable non-profit organisations, you are allowed to donate a total of 50% of your annual income for Tax Deductible considerations. Of course this is the total of all your charitable giving, and not to The CDR exclusively. Now is the time that we need your prayerful financial support as we develop our wings to fly. Donations may be made by clicking on the “GIVE” button on our site.

is the cdr affiliated to a political party?

Definitely not, nor will we ever be. To favor or be aligned to any political party will defeat the reason for our existence. The CDR is intended to attract, work with and mobilize Christians and persons who share our vision regardless of their political persuasion. The CDR is among other things a Political Commentary, and our allegiance is to God and the principles of contemporary Christianity as we understand these to be reflected in the Bible, the Word of God.

WILL THE CDR ever become a political party?

Becoming a political party is not part of the vision of its Founder. Political parties and political leaders have their place in God’s economy, and so does the Church. The CDR is aligned to the Church and complements the work of the Church. Our emphasis is the Christian’s relevance as salt and light to the world in which we live. To be clear, the CDR will throw its hat in the ring in support of candidates and operatives in the political arena, when those people demonstrate a commitment to the principles and Christian values to which we adhere in their day-to-day operations. This means that from time to time, the CDR will be commending or condemning the actions of persons from the Democratic or Republican parties, as well as those who are Independents or non politically affiliated.

to what leadership structure is the cdr committed?

Every great movement began with a Visionary.  That Visionary then shares the vision. Some people will be attracted to that shared vision, identify with it, and with or without modification, endorse it. It is usually from among the earliest endorsers of the vision that the core leadership is formed. That core leadership will then establish a leadership/management structure to which persons will be selected or elected. The Visionary does not wish to include a predetermined Leadership structure in the proposal at this stage.  That said, because The CDR is national in scope, inevitably, State representatives and leaders will evolve, and more than likely, because States are large, County Leaders will evolve. The fact that The CDR will be technologically driven, much of its work will be accomplished through the internet, social and mainstream media channels.

How can I become part of the CDR?

For the moment, all you need do is join the conversation on our Blog, and give a shout out, even if you are not ready or willing to become deeply involved in blogging. By so doing you would first have registered with your name and email address, and that would provide us with direct access to you. We will then communicate with you privately as things unfold.

How can I become a leader in the CDR?

The CDR is looking for Leaders at this time.  First, become part of the CDR by following the instructions already given. Then as a member, introduce yourself, and let us take it from there.

Does the CDR discriminate between persons of different Theological persuasions and social agendas?

The CDR is not in the business of identifying and determining who is a genuine Christian and who is not. We are cautioned in 2 Timothy 2:19-21 that The Lord Jesus Christ knows those that are His.  We are also reminded that it is best practice to allow the wheat and the tares to grow together until the day of harvest (Matthew 13:28-30). God removes from us the responsibility to determine who is genuine. By their fruit you shall know them is a fact (Matthew 7:16-20). However, the CDR has no intention of getting into the fruit-examining business. That does not mean that the CDR will be vulnerable to infiltration, especially at its leadership levels. First, the Holy Spirit is alive and well and still in the business of guiding and directing. Secondly, anyone wearing the badge of “Christian” will be expected to validate their words, actions and life-style by the Word of God. We expect that there will be significant differences within our ranks, and for the same reason that, unlike the Muslim Religion, there are so many different sects and denominations in the Christian Faith. The CDR is far more focused on the things that Christians share in common, than we are on the differences that divide us. Ultimately the Christian Faith caters for diversity. It assumes that although we are of the same “body”, we are all different members, but all needing each other and needed by each other for the effective holistic operation of the body (1 Corinthians 12:12-27)