In an era in which physical fitness and Gym memberships are popular, Financial Fitness should be the next craze… This time the benefits and your commitment to them will be permanent. But would you dare to submit yourself to a Financial Fitness test? Or do you already know the results! The Green Box will not only give you the Test tools and the Test results, but will help you improve your grade and keep it high.

The Financial Fitness Revolution is a revolution because it threatens to turn many things upside down. These things include the world financial system in which the large majority of people are trapped… yes, all over the world. Through appealing and hypnotic advertisements the present system says “live above your means. If you cannot afford to buy it, then take it on credit.”  Our Revolution says, “Live below your means. Buy it only after you can afford to pay for it cash.”  Yes, we know that there are exceptions to every rule.   What our Revolution seeks to do is to change the rules, so that the majority of people will benefit. Yes, the 1% that owns 90% of the wealth will be the victims of our Revolution… but they can afford it.  It is the 99% who are presently the victims that will become the victors. Watch the video below. Invest in the Green Box. Use your new membership to get financially fit and live the life you really want.

A few more things before you watch the introductory video below.  First of all, I have cut through all the red tape and here is the bottomline. Freedom costs… but slavery costs more. Your cost for becoming a member of the Financial Fitness revolution Family is going to be US$120… Depending on where you live, and if you want the physical “GREEN BOX” as against the digital version, you may have to pay shipping and handling at a rate to be determined. Your $120 will serve you for 1 full year.  Thereafter, you will renew at $15 per year, if you so choose… and I am sure you will. That’s all that you HAVE TO DO. The rest is OPTIONAL.

In addition to the personal development aspect to this program, there is an optional passive income potential programme in which you may choose to get involved, or you may choose to DECLINE. That is your decision.   However you should know that if you decide to get involved, and if you decide to diligently spread the news of the Revolution around, you could be like many who are earning thousands of dollars per month, long after the work is over.

Finally, to make your first move after you watch the video below, click on the link below which will take you to the section in which you enrol in our Financial Fitness Revolution Family  and  purchase the Green Box.

Remember, you are never, ever alone. You can reach me with little effort by emailing me at and calling me at (954) 353-1775; You can also reach me on Whatsapp at (954) 299-9394.  My Skype ID is private_godfrey and my Twitter ID is @DocPerspective.  Beneath the video are screenshots of he enrolment process.  You may view the Application Form by clicking any of the links below. If you prefer to enrol manually as against online, then download, complete the appropriate Form below and email to me asap.

Financial Fitness Form – Jamaica

Form – United States V 17.2

Financial Fitness Form – Canada

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