To date all expenses of The CDR have been underwritten by the Visionary. Your Gift is not only valuable, it is also needed. All proceeds from the sale of the book,  “Put Him Back… America” will be used to help finance The CDR. But that is likely to be a drop in the bucket relative to our overall operation costs. This is what we suggest you do.

Carefully peruse the vision, philosophy, goals and objectives of The CDR. Prayerfully consider whether or not these line up with your own Divine leading. If they do, then help us convert this vision into reality through your generous gifts. As of now, donations and gifts made to The CDR are not tax deductible. However, with our application for 501C3 status pending submission at the end of April 2017, there is a 99% certainty that our Tax Deductible status will be confirmed long before the end of 2017. Any donation or gift made now will be eligible for Tax Deductible treatment when you complete your 2017 Tax filing. As a matter of record, in the event that you are not already giving to other Charitable non-profit organisations, you are allowed to donate a total of 50% of your annual income for Tax Deductible considerations. Of course this is the total of all your charitable giving, and not to The CDR exclusively.

When giving to The CDR, it would be great if you would indicate whether your gift is expected to be monthly, quarterly or annually, so that we can budget accordingly. We are very aware that when God gives a vision, He also makes provision. What we do not know is whether He will use you or a raven to bring that provision. May the Lord continue to bless you richly.