Is the Silent Church Fair to President Trump?

It is amazing that in this first-of-a-kind tumultuous period in the history of the United States of America, and during the first 200 days of the reign of President Trump,  almost everybody’s voice is being heard on a wide range of nerve-shattering issues.  Even the Republicans on the Hill are slowly finding their voices. But there is one major group of persons in America from whom the public has heard nothing… and that is the Church of Jesus Christ. The Church’s failure to publicly condemn the many wrong things that President trump has done, as well as to commend those right things that he has done, represents a  flagrant dereliction of duty. I believe that some in the Church are praying, and that is great. But there is more that is expected of us in the public execution of our God appointed roles as “Salt” and “Light”.

In my book, “Put Him Back… America!” I examine the history of this second greatest country on earth, and clearly establish the Christian nature of its roots and Foundations.   God gave America to the Church on a platter… and the Church allowed the Devil to snatch it away from us. And if you have any doubt, just consider that the Capitol was frequently a place where our early Presidents and their families and the members of Congress would worship on Sundays.  Today, as a Nation, in addition to removing the Ten Commandments and prayer from our Public Schools, we have allowed our Government to legitimize same-sex marriages, even though the Supreme Court stopped short of imposing its values on those whose religious beliefs may cause them to dissent. And we have legitimized same-sex marriage with the full knowledge that God despises and deplores homosexuality and its LGBT affiliated practices. (Romans 1:26-27; 1 Corinthians 6:9-10)) That is one of many indications of the rapid cooling of the spiritual temperature of the Nation, to the point that, like the Roman Empire, our sustainability on our current trajectory is now an appropriate cause for concern.

The story of the history of America between then and now, is befittingly also the story of a compromised Church that has surrendered its authority to influence the Nation. To be clear, America is not a Theocracy. Based on the Constitution of the United States, the President cannot prevent men from having sex with men.  He cannot prevent women from having sex with women. And yes, I agree wholeheartedly that homosexuals and lesbians and all other members of LGBT community have an equal claim to being made in the image and likeness of God, and to being loved by God. God loves murderers and rapists and thieves and a long list of other persons who break His laws, and somewhere in that list, He also loves members of the LGBT community. And when Jesus died on the Cross of Calvary, He also died for members of the LGBT community as He was dying for murderers and thieves and liars and 100% of all mankind who have ever committed the smallest sin.

But do not confuse the Love of God, and the Mercy of God, with the Righteousness and Justice of God. He will judge all those who break His laws including the LGBT community. The only escape that all of us have, is to accept the atonement that Jesus accomplished for us, and according to the Word, confess our sin, repent of our sin, ask for and accept God’s forgiveness and be “born again”. (Romans 10:9-10 & John 3:5-8).  God teaches, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away, and look, new things[a] have come. (2 Corinthians 5:17)” A converted born-again murderer can no longer be a murderer, neither can be a converted born-again thief or liar be what they used to be. In the exact same way, a converted born-again member of the LGBT community can no longer practice his or her old life-style.

But because America is not a Theocracy, the Government can choose not to punish its citizens for breaking some of God’s laws, although conveniently, it will punish you for breaking other laws laid down by God that forbid murder, baring false witness or lying, and stealing. But the same Government may choose not to punish those who break the laws of God and laws of nature that forbid homosexuality and lesbianism. All that I understand. However, what is totally unforgivable and intolerable is when the Government of the land deliberately flies in the face of the same God “in whom we trust”, and legitimizes homosexuality and lesbianism and calls and treats a practicing couple as being “married”. And when that was happening, what did the Church publicly do as the “Salt” and “Light” of the world? Absolutely nothing… and perhaps may even have said “Amen”.

President Donald Trump urgently needs help, if he is to be able to help this country. He can claim that the Evangelical vote helped to sweep into office.  That is a matter of public record. What is that same Evangelical community doing to speak truth to power? Does President Trump need to hear a, “Thus saith the Lord”? It is never too late for the Church to find, and use its voice and its authority. This site will continue to remind us of our responsibility.

Next we will try to catch up with some of the public issues that need a Word from the Church.

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