Mightier Than the Mightiest of the Mighty

ODB July 19, 2017 – Psalm 93

Dear Lord take control of my thoughts and attitude and perspective of life so that In the innermost depths of my thoughts and mind, I will live with the assurance that I never consciously or unconsciously mention the word problem to you, or just as bad, to me

For in my quiet moments I understand that you know everything about me and about my life, before it happens in time because you have already ordained it in eternity.. You already are aware of what I call the storms of life and I am aware that you are the master of the storms… and that you love me. And because you love me, you will at all times protect me and provide for me… And so what seems like a problem to me is all a part of your direct or permissive will for me, and either way, you always have the final say.
There will be times when you allow or cause difficulties in my life to discipline me. May I always remember that you discipline me as a loving father disciplines his child, not to hurt me, but to help me; not to harass me, but to harness me… for my own good and for your glory.

And yet there are other times when you allow difficult times in my life so that you might strengthen me and help me to grow more and more into your image and likeness. And so whether to prune or punish, or even as in the case of Job, to prove a point to the Devil, I rest assured that the plans you have for me are good, and plans to prosper me, and one day to take me to be with yourself in glory.
Therefore. With Christ in my vessel I will smile at the storms that disguise themselves as problems because you are the Master of the storm. Help me Lord in everything to give thanks, with the full assurance that this is your will for my life.
And so Lord when the Devil expects me to lament… Help me to laugh. When the Devil expects me to be sad, help me to be glad and rejoice. When he expects me to be downcast, help me to broadcast your glory. And since from the day I was born my mind was programmed to complain instead of praise you, even as I cooperate with your Holy Spirit in the daily renewing of my mind, help me to heed the inspired words of Marcus Moziah Garvey – “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds!”

Psalm 93 is a Psalm of trust and triumph in tragedy. It is rooted in both the fact and the acknowledgement of the omnipotence of God. But even beyond that, this Psalm challenges us to practice living in the presence of the power of God.

Verses 1 & 2 sets out the indisputables about God’s Sovereignty, omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence.

  1. The Lord reigns
  2. The Lord is robed in majesty
  3. The Lord is armed in strength
  4. The Lord has established the world firm and secure.
  5. The Lord has established His throne long ago
  6. The Lord is, was and will be, from, in, over and beyond all eternity

In verses 3 & 4, The Psalmist addresses, symbolically and literally, a few of the huge problems and challenges that, on their own, and on our own, can and will consume us. The potentially destructive power of the sea and other water masses is well documented. It just as easily will toss you around as it will toss around the largest ocean-liners. He intentionally or otherwise slips in a metaphor of the “thunder” of the great waters that immediately redirects our attention from the sea below to lightning and thunder above. And with the symbols of huge problems above and below, we can readily include everything in between. Whether there are financial problems, domestic problems, political problems or any other problem, the Psalmist has a very simple message for us.

The Lord is mightier than everything else that we will ever face or hear of. He is mightier than the breakers of the sea, the thunder, the lightning, the earthquakes in our lives, literal or figurative. Our God is mighty.

Finally, verse 5 links the established firmness of God and the world He has created to His statutes and laws. We can expect Him to be faithful to His Word and He expects us to be faithful to His laws.  So what does all of this means for us as Believers? We must daily train our minds to distinguish between what is real and permanent, from what is illusory and temporary. If the Disciples had Mark 4:35-40 available to them at the time, they would not have awakened Jesus with a sarcastic rebuke about not caring that they are about to drown. Instead, they would have just enjoyed the roller-coaster ride of the waves because they would have known that Jesus is mightier than the storm. But we have Mark 4:35-40 and many other reminders. Let us train our minds to systematically replace panic with praise when problems parade past us.

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