Not Just Good – In the Image of God

Psalm 139:1-18 reveals God’s intimate involvement in the lives of his flagship creation – man!  Before we can receive it, we must believe it. And before we can believe it, we must at least try to begin to understand it. It is important that we at least try to understand why it is that the God who made such a vast universe, as excellently portrayed by Sheridan Voysey, would be meticulously interested and involved in the design and details of the smallest aspect of my life.

I am amused at Scientists’ report of the increasing size of the universe, as the size of their telescopes have increased from 1” in 1609, to 400” in 1995. It is safe to say that as man’s ability to appreciate the grandeur of God’s Universe increases due to technological advancements, so will the revealed size and grandeur of God’s Universe increase.

Why would such a great, powerful God pay such detailed attention to what appears to be one of the smallest of his creations? How rational is this, and can I believe it so that I can receive it… or is it too good to be true?

For the answer, let us go back to the first chapter of Genesis. On the first 6 days we learn of God’s creative work as he made the moon, stars, mountains, plants, trees and everything else. There is a clear commonality between all of God’s creations, except man. In many instances we are told that God just called His creations into being… and it was so. On other occasions the words “made” and “created” are used, but in every instance you get the feel of mass production, not in quality but in quantity. Finally, after each and all of God’s creations, He did an evaluation and concluded that “it was good”. Then it was time to make man, his last creative act.

But here is the difference. When God made man, He used himself, or more accurately, He used “themselves” as the model and reference, and there was no reason to say “it is good”. “Come let US make man in OUR image and likeness.” This was a first, and distinct from all other creations, and it was custom-designed and built… a limited Edition of 1, with Eve being made from Adam.

But verse 26 adds one of the reasons for man’s special design in the image of God – “so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.”

Therefore, despite our relatively microscopically miniscule size in the grand scheme of the Universe, God made us superior to it all and to rule over it. Therefore, God’s intimate concern and involvement in our lives as described in Psalm 139:1-18 should not come as a surprise to us. Now that we can understand it and believe it, it is time to receive it. And as we receive the custom designed goodness, and mercy and love of God as evident in the smallest detail of our lives, we must hold our heads high like the rulers of the Universe we were created to be, and live in the light of the legacy of God’s love for us as we voluntarily worship and praise Him who not only made us for Himself but redeemed us unto Himself.

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