Status Service & Blind Vision

Mark 10:42-45 focuses on a foundation pillar of the Christian Faith.  In it, Jesus elevates the value of service.  He consciously inverts the value system of the world as He highlights the contrast between what the rulers of the world do and expect, versus what He requires of His disciples, based on the example that He set.

Jesus does not attempt to explain the rationale for His pronouncement, except to say that He himself came not to be served, but to serve. But let me share a perspective that God has given me on this subject. We think of the servant as being poor, and the Lord as being rich, and usually that is the case. But look at it from this perspective. Apart from a measly remittance, which may or may not be paid, the Lord does not contribute much to the quality of the life of the servant.  On the other hand, all the luxuries that the wealth of the Lord can buy are useless without persons to administer them. His money can buy a car, but only a chauffeur can elevate him to being able to fully enjoy the best his car has to offer. Or even closer to basics, the wealth of the Lord can buy the finest foods. But very few Lords want to go into the kitchen and cook their own meals.

Think of the influence the servant has on the life of the Lord. One wrong choice of ingredient in the kitchen, and the Lord is dead. One careless moment by the chauffeur, and the Lord is dead or damaged. The truth is that the Lord easily develops a dependency on the servant for his very survival, despite the abundance of his wealth. It is that dependency and reliance on the servant that inverts the relative values of each to the other. It is easier for the servant to do without the Lord, than it is for the Lord to do without the servant. The servant may or may not need the Lord to a small extent, but the Lord needs the servant, big time!

From the servant’s perspective, there is great joy and satisfaction to be derived from the knowledge that you’re making a valuable contribution to the life of someone else. That is the secret value multiplier factor in life, when my life can positively impact many other lives. And that is achieved only through service, also known as ministry.

Mark 10 :46-52 details the beautiful story of Bartimaeus. He was a beggar, but no doubt, only because he was blind. But he was a man of vision. He knew that all the money in the world was not as valuable as his sight. So when the Lord of the Universe gave him a blank check on which he could have written millions of dollar, instead he asked for his sight, and got it. That was the end-game. Look at what went before.

He was blind, but he was informed. He knew and believed more about Jesus than many of the learned men of his day. By calling Jesus, “Son of David”, Bartimaeus was acknowledging Him to be the Messiah, and therefore, the Son of God. Though blind he saw his opportunity and seized it, despite the opposition. And after He received his sight, although Jesus released him to leave, He wanted both to receive more from, and to give more to Jesus. So he began to follow Him on the road.

If there’s something that can separate you from God, chances are, He will not give it to you.

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