Thank you for your generous gift. A receipt has been delivered to you. We appreciate your support in pursuit of our stated aims and objectives. As a financial supporter, you enjoy the right to scrutinize our operations as much as you choose to.  All requests for financial disclosure and application of funds will be  honored in a timely manner.

Please be mindful that long before the end of 2017, you will be provided with information regarding our expected 501C3 charitable donation tax deductible status. As we build our Leadership Team, we will be better able to provide a projected budget. For the time being, all that can be said is that, given The CDR’s 50-State operations foot-print, and given the number of  moving targets that our Government has to date been hosting, The CDR will be a multi-million dollar operation. What Bernie Sanders has taught us is that a Movement such as this will always be catapulted by large donations, but even your smallest donation is both valuable and significant.

May the Lord continue to bless you in a  real special way, and may honor and glory be brought to His Name as a direct result of your one-time or ongoing financial support of this Ministry.