The Complicity of Graham and other Christians in Trump’s Demise

The Complicity of Graham and other Christians in Trump’s Demise

By Godfrey “Doctor Perspective” McAllister

A recent prominent News Report was captioned, “Franklin Graham Tends to Believe the Election Was Stolen From Trump”.  Writing on December 19 for the Epoch Times, Gary DU credits Graham as basing his tendency on his observation that Donald Trump has previously been correct on things he has said.

Franklin Graham’s views are not just the views of just another man. He is still best known as the son of Billy Graham. But even 2nd generation World Evangelist Franklin Graham refuses to confront the huge elephant in the room.  And the elephant’s name is “the Church”. Fortunately, the “Church” is not easily identifiable, so if the cap does not fit you, don’t wear it.

Trump, his ‘trumpets” and his “strumpets” stole the 2016 election according to the Republican Senate and many other respected institutions. Russia interfered in the Elections to hurt Clinton and benefit Trump,  and so did Comey. A dozen Russian operatives were indicted, and even Barr has embarrassed Comey by refusing to do with the Hunter Biden’s investigation what Comey did with the Hilary Clinton’s Emails investigation.


Now, allegations are that Biden has stolen the Elections. But about five dozen related lawsuits brought in predominantly Republican controlled courts have all failed the smell test. All and any of the evidence presented to the public and on which Graham appears to rely, could have, and should have been presented to the Courts. Even Republican leaders at different levels are declaring the Elections were fair. But let us say that Franklin Graham is right, and that Biden did steal the elections from Trump who stole the elections from Hillary. Does this indicate that God was asleep on the first, or the second or on both occasions? Is not whoever becomes President on January 20 covered by Romans 13 and appointed by God?  Is God better able to work through Trump than He is able to work through Biden? Does it really matter to God which flawed human being “assists” his Strong Right Hand? The Bible is replete with examples of how God accomplishes his Holy ends through unholy people. God knew He would be working with dirt from the minute He made man.

The real problem is that the Church and its leaders like Franklin Graham have been guilty of gross dereliction of duty under President Trump, and unless the lesson is learnt, will be even guiltier under Biden or, if Graham’s prayers are answered as he would like them to be answered, a second Trump term. By fair or foul actions of flawed human beings, God ordained Trump to preside over America for four years, but the likes of Franklin Graham failed him. Having voted him into power, they inverted the Divine hierarchical structure, and instead of using him as a tool in God’s toolkit, they worshipped Trump despite his self-confessed and blatant flaws… all for a mess of appetizing pottage of conservative concessions, privilege and goodies. When Graham in an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network was forced to condemn Trump’s family separation policy at the border, he said, “I think it’s disgraceful, it’s terrible to see families ripped apart and I don’t support that one bit.”   However, as The New York Times Reporter Laurie Goodstein observed, “He quickly made it clear that this had not dimmed his enthusiasm for Mr. Trump, adding, “I blame the politicians for the last 20, 30 years that have allowed this to escalate to where it is today.”

Every involved American knows that Trump lies and qualified professionals have repeatedly described him as a narcissist. He lies even about his own lies. His enablers and surrogates redefine lies as alternate facts and declare that “truth isn’t truth”.  The Washington Post fact-checker listed more than 20000 false or misleading statements made by Trump as at July 2020. Discount that by 90% because Jeff Bezos is not a fan of Trump, and you are left with 2000 lies. Has Franklin Graham and his fellow high-profile Evangelical leaders publicly denounced Trump’s mendacity?


The problem is one of perception and perspective. Graham and others like him, and every individual Christian to whom this applies, have failed to appreciate that our first allegiance is to God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and to do His will as instructed in the Word of God as we represent Him on earth. And given the definition and description of allegiance as required by the United States of America, it is the Christian’s only allegiance. Bush, Obama, Trump and Biden are JV players in the general scheme of things in which our God is sovereign. And yes, every Christian is relevant to the mundane realities of human existence. We are to give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, but never what belongs to God. And where the dictates of Caesar clash with those of God, our allegiance must be to God.

The resulting profile of the Christian is clear. Our obsession is to facilitate the extension and expansion of the Kingdom of God on earth, as it is in Heaven. To achieve this, we will use all the assets that God places at our disposal, inclusive of good, Bible-endorsed Government policies and plans. We will therefore never support Biden’s glorification or normalization of the LGBTQ agenda, not because we do not like the affable Joe Biden as a man, but because the Bible declares that part of his agenda to be diabolic and in direct conflict with the Biblical worldview, universal determinism and intelligent design. But we will support his agenda to treat affordable health care and universal education as human rights because that comports with the Biblical perspective on human equality and protection of the poor. And when it comes to abortion, we simply call it what it is – murder of a living human being made in the image and likeness of God, known by God and in the process of being knit together in the mother’s womb. So whether six Republican Supreme Court Justices voted Roe v Wade into law in 1973, or whether the Democratic National Convention’s platform has adopted murder of the unborn and “partial born” baby as a major plank of its platform, God declares murder is sin.

The same approach is to be applied to Trump. Whatever he does and says that is supported by the Word of God is to be commended by Christians. And whatever he does and says that is not supported by the Word of God is to be condemned. In both cases, the Christian neither owes, nor should give our allegiance to either Trump or Biden, but to God… The truth is, neither of them deserve our allegiance… They are both too small in comparison to who we are – Sons of God and Joint Heirs with Christ; Citizens of Heaven; Kings and Priests; and future Rulers of this World.


If the truth be told, the Church strategically relies on secular Governments to fight many of its spiritual battles. The LGBTQ agenda, and to a lesser extent, abortion are prime examples. LGBTQ adherents are human beings… made in the image and likeness of God, and entitled to all the rights and privileges extended to human beings under the Constitution of the United States of America. When women and Blacks were treated as less than full humans, the Constitution came to their rescue, fights for equality never abated until equality under the law was achieved. What makes a gay man and and a lesbian woman any different from the perspective of a law-maker who is sworn to represent all people? Is the penalty for murdering a straight American any greater than it is for murdering a gay American? Yes, there are are obvious social and economic ramifications for  the unabated pursuit of he LGBTQ agenda. But is there not an immediate spiritual crisis for this curse upon our created brothers and sisters? And if there is an immediate spiritual curse upon both adherents and by extrapolation on our land, should that not be a matter of primacy in the trenches of spiritual warfare? Of course it makes sense to enlist available physical weapons in spiritual warfare, but these are not to be our primary weapons, and we ought never ever to rely on them.  The spiritual battle against the LGBTQ agenda must be as vigorous under a Trump as it is under a Biden administration.


If Trump is not President of the USA on the afternoon of January 20, 2021, Franklin Graham and Kenneth Copeland and hundreds of Evangelical Leaders and millions of Christians have only themselves to blame. Had we discharged our responsibilities to President Trump and spoken God’s powerful Truth to his devious behavior, who knows, like the King of Nineveh, he may have repented. Instead as Trump beat his own chest and defied the supreme authority of God in his local affairs, he became more and more like Nebuchadnezzar and is being chased away from the White House in disgrace. And by the way, the more Graham and others “establish” that the 2020 Election was stolen, the more Trump’s defeat becomes miraculous, just as his victory was declared to be miraculous even when he himself never expected to win. And as we correctly gave God credit for the miracle of his election in 2016, so we must also give God credit for the miracle of his eviction in 2o20”


But there is still time for Graham and his class of high-profile American Christians to redeem themselves, even if only in a miniscule way. Donald Trump is still the President of the United States of America and will be for another 30 days approximately. But he is on a rampage to burn down the house and if possible the country on his way out. Is this behavior to be endorsed by Franklin Graham?

Why is Graham and others fighting for a second term for Trump when Trump has refused to execute his duties as President in recent times? Hundreds of thousands of Americans have died from Covid19 unnecessarily, and could have been alive today, if Trump had not wittingly or unwittingly botched the management of the Pandemic crisis from the moment he became aware of it. The litany of his mis-steps, lies and deceptions perpetuated by he, his Republican cronies and enablers, his Evangelical Christian Vice President and his cross-wearing pious Press Secretary is well documented. And just when the sheer mental overload caused by the staggering number of Covid19 deaths succeeds in numbing our minds, we learn that Trump’s official policy is to kill even more Americans from Covid19 because he heard that herd immunity, presumably like bleach, is the solution to the Corona Virus Pandemic crisis in America.

Then we learn that while Trump was crippling the Postal Service in an attempt to cramp the efforts of the Democrats to provide safe mail-in voting opportunities for Black and Brown Americans who are more vulnerable to Covid19 than are White Americans, the Federal Government and Private Sector of the United States of America was successfully attacked by Donald’s best-friend, Russia’s Putin. For nine months, having gutted much of the Nation’s external defenses both to Cybercrime as well as to epidemiolocal invasion, President Trump was not even aware that he was selling out all of America to Russia, or at least so we believe. But because Graham is a good Evangelical Christian who believes that to he pure all things are pure, he will give Trump the benefit of the doubt. Except that that there is one big problem. After a loud prolonged silence, Trump just broke silence, and publicly states that Russia is not to blame for the successful 9-month long cyberattack against the country he is sworn to protect. Our Intelligence Agencies and everybody else with a brain, including Mike Pompeo as strange as it may seem, concludes that the aggressor is Russia. And what does Trump say? “The Cyber Hack is far greater in the Fake News Media than in actuality, Everything is well under control,.. Russia, Russia, Russia is the priority chant when anything happens because Lamestream is, for mostly financial reasons, petrified of discussing the possibility that it may be China (it may!)”


The title of my last book is “PUT HIM BACK… AMERICA!   God demands no less than center stage in our public and private lives.” Today, that charge is still very relevant. And the agents of change and the instruments of God ‘s righteousness in America has always been and still is the Church. Franklin Graham and hundreds of other Evangelical Leaders enjoy pride of place as earthly leaders of this powerful army of Jesus Christ. We are called to be Salt and Light in a socially and structurally decaying dark America. And this we will be, but only when we understand our heritage in Christ Jesus. But b e not deceived. A culturally awakened Church’s welcome reception will be resentment and even persecution and suffering… but it will be for righteousness’ sake… and for that we will be more like our Leader who the world hated, and who therefore will also hate us. And in that, we will be blessed.  The time has come for us to be Christians first, and Republicans or Democrats second. In fact, having at different times registered as a Democrat and as a Republican, proudly declare myself to be a Christian Democratic Republican.

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