Trump or Biden Choice?

Trump or Biden Choice?


by Godfrey McAllister

First presidential debate fact check: Donald Trump, Joe Biden square off - Chicago Sun-Times

For the last six months, what ought to have been a slam-dunk decision to vote Republican on November 3, became a period of intense travailing and trauma for me. As a result, I sought God’s direction in that decision. Today the Lord spoke in a way that has apparently escaped many who would irretractably refuse to even consider the “profane” possibility of voting for Joe Biden. This is what the Lord showed me.

Abortion, same-sex marriage, the LGBTQ agenda and their implications and ramifications are all wrong and abominable in my sight. But these are all choices that men are free to make, and with which other men are free to disagree. My Word is unequivocal on the subjects.  In fact, the democrats’ position on abortion is labeled, “pro-choice”.

Pro-Choice God

Then He connected the dots. I God am “pro-choice”, not accidentally, but deliberately. I am so deliberately pro-choice that when I saw what choice man made, I could have blown the whole thing up and start all over again, but I did not. For two reasons – The first is that for worship to be the worship that I desire and deserve from man, it has to be as a result of the exercise of his choice. And secondly, man might have made the same wrong choice a second time, and I would have been back to where I started.

Instead, I took the long hard, difficult, heart-breaking, gut-wrenching option of trying to influence man’s choice – a journey that led me to the cross. And there I sacrificed my life, by choice, not to redeem man, but to pay the price for the redemption of as many men as may exercise their choice to accept my redemption. Choice is at the center and the heart of my message of love and forgiveness and worship, and yes… evangelization.

On November 3, the major choice is Biden or Trump. Neither meet the test of dedicated, committed publicly acclaimed Ambassadors of God. But no one denies that Joe Biden is more advanced along the path than is Trump to fitting that description. America is a democracy, complex, but democratic nevertheless. And as in every democracy, the epi-center rests in the people’s right and power of choice of their leaders for stipulated periods of time. Yes, you heard right… “CHOICE”.

Trump – Enemy of Choice

Donald Trump and his Republican Senate, and his Republican Courts have done almost everything conceivable to deny Americans their constitutional, God-given right of choice. Trump has so blurred the lines between what is truth and what is false that he has almost single-handedly discombobulated the minds of Americans and lulled many into a sense of self-induced confusion about reality. So committed is Trump to lying, that the observers stopped counting after he surpassed his 20,000th lie. Perhaps no lie with greater far-reaching consequences for Americans has been told by any American President than that concerning The Corona Virus. Between Trump and his Christian Vice President, it is fair to say that because of their lies and inaction, thousands of Americans whose lives could have been spared, have died as a result of Covid19. intelligent choices can be made only in an environment of facts and truth.

Trump and his Republican allies have done almost everything to escalate voter suppression to unprecedented depths. “Gerrymandering” is synonymous with the Republican Party.  Voter suppression in demographics that are perceived to be democratic is rife and rampant and relevant to the Republicans’ modus operandi. The Republican biased Courts have gutted the Voting Rights Act at the Supreme Court level thereby effectively making voter suppression and voter intimidation legal. Not to be outdone, Trump has paralyzed the United States Postal Service with the expressed intention of making vote-by-mail almost as risky as contracting the Covid 19, which of course, “is a hoax”.  Not only has he gutted machines that are required for processing large volumes of ballots in a short time, but he has reduced the operation hours of USPS drivers… all in the “honestly” stated intent of suffocating the people’s right to choice.  His surrogates tried to physically remove mail boxes at one point, and rumor alleges that the one ballot box that was set on fire was torched by a Republican activist, or at least one influenced by Trump rhetoric.

Trump, who himself votes by mail, has spent months, encouraging those who would listen, not to vote by mail.  Instead, again, for those who would listen he is marshalling his own troops to go to the polls on November 3 with the expressed intent of creating a false positive result in his favor at the end of voting that day. And when I referred to his “troops”, I mean not only the voters, but the militia men who he has commanded to “stand down, and stand by”.  He has also instructed them to be out in their thousands, and perhaps millions on Election day to make sure that “elections are fair”, ostensibly, but to drive fear into the heart of already fearful Democrats who vote in person on that day. Of course, he expects Black Lives Matters’ operatives to join the battle, the result being the creation of chaos and mayhem, in which Trump thrives.

Not to be outdone, Trump has become the first President in American history to publicly state that he would not accept the result of the Elections if he loses. And to increase his chances of not losing, he has publicly indicated that he expects the 6-3 Republican Supreme Court to snatch a victory for him out of the jaws of possible defeat.

Donald Trump’s actions and words are the antithesis of the facilitation of the right to choice.  He has attacked our democratic form of Government at its very core, and left us much the weaker for his rampage. From a very human, outwardly visible perspective, Donald Trump appears to be no more Christian than a drunk sailor who happens to wander into the back pew of a church.  Yet he has successfully galvanized the fear of most Evangelicals to vote against the evil that is unquestionably a part of the legacy of the Democrats, and instead vote for what could arguably be described as the personification of evil itself.

Christians Superior to Democrats and Republicans

I am neither Democrat, nor am I Republican. I am Christian, But not Christian in oblivion. I am a Christian Democratic Republican, and as such, I am accountable to, worship and serve God. Trump has done many commendable things to pacify his Evangelical supporters, and for which I am grateful. I applaud Trump for accepting the hand that destiny dealt him to tip the Supreme Court 5 – 4 Republican although I despise the manner in which the Republican Mitch McConnell achieved it. I disapprove of the blatant hypocrisy in pushing through the last Republican Supreme Court Judge during an Election in an Election year, despite being vehemently opposed to far less a travesty in 2016 when it was Obama’s turn to appoint Garland. I do not support a demonstrably dangerous 6 – 3 Republican Court, especially when the newly appointed Justices were openly paraded as having sworn allegiance to the President’s agenda. But this ill can be remedied by the people’s will.  I appreciate Trump’s open support for Israel and the temporary alliances he is forging in the Middle East. I support Trump’s buttressing of matters of faith that are critical to Evangelical Christianity.  But Trump has left a litany of words, actions and policies in his wake that challenge the principles of the Christian faith to its core. On the other hand, the Democrats have done much that enhances social justice, demonstrates a concern for the poor, increased health care for the most vulnerable, extended a helping hand to the “stranger amongst us”. But their main platform, despite its veneer of  apparent Christ-like values in many areas, demolishes many of the fundamental planks of the Christian faith. These include legalizing and sponsoring murder of the unborn in the most brutal and callous ways; legalizing and encouraging sodomy and similar heinous sexually depraved lifestyles of the likes for which God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. legalizing the fragmenting of the nuclear family structure as God planned it and by attaching parity to same-sex unions that are incapable of procreation and incapable of providing a balanced paternal environment for a child as God intended it and accepting the Black Lives Matter trojan horse into its ranks with their unmasked anti-Christian values.

As a result of my abhorrence of some of the planks of the Democratic platform, earlier this year I wrote in the CDN, a Conservative Daily Newspaper, that I would hold my nose, close my eyes and vote Republican, because of my net disgust with and disapproval of its standard bearer. And that is what I would have done then. One week before Elections the facts about both parties and both candidates remain the same.  The difference is that now, for the first time I am evaluating President Trump’s assault on the right of the American people to exercise our God-given sacred right of choice. Today, I have to hold my nose and close my eyes and vote Democrat, despite the decency and personal appeal of its standard bearer. This is my response to Trump’s attacks on my God-given right to choice.  And in it all, I am very cognizant of the fact that God will do what God wants to do. His ways are not my ways, and His ways are not necessarily logical. They are Divinely Sovereign. He will determine who the next President will be. And whoever God chooses, and for whatever reason, and by whatever method, Christians in America and especially Christian Activists will have our work cut out for us. And that will be a very good thing as the Day of the Lord’s Return for His Saints approaches, and as Christians work while it is still day, for the night is coming when we will no longer be able to work.

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